Client: ADOBE

Make It Win | Make It Count | Make It Now

Role: Creative Director / Animation Director

I creative directed a series of tutorials for Adobe Students that were short, engaging, and most importantly fun. As a team, we created short animated videos, blog posts, gifs, and other evergreen content that would both entice Adobe's student audience as well as give supporting details to the animated tutorials.  The campaign's aim was to provide simple tutorials to up students' game, inspire and grow user adoption of some of their web-based platforms like Adobe Portfolio, and increase awareness of program functions.  

The Team

Executive Creative Director

Will Ulbricht

Account Director

Chris Fleener

Creative Director

Patrick Weishampel


Emma Hoaglund Siolka

Art Director

Bridget Hildebrandt

Graphic Designer

Erin McCarthy

Animation Studio

Pixel Fort


Drew Pavelchak

Dylan Wilbur

Sound Design

Patrick Weishampel


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